Programming the UltraElite® Series II Receiver

Programming the UltraElite® Series II Receiver Using the older OT-200 Transmitter

Remove the cover from the transmitter by squeezing the tab on the bottom and lifting up.

While holding the receiver (collar) near the transmitter, push and hold down the “training button” until the l.e.d. flashes "98". When it starts to flash remove your finger. It will continue to flash for about 30 seconds giving you time to bring the receiver closer to the transmitter. At this point the transmitter is looking for something to program.

When the light on the receiver turns red it means that the transmitter has synced up with the receiver. Sometimes you need to move the receiver around a little to pick up the signal. Now push and release the "top button". The light on the receiver will then flash. The number of flashes indicates the correction level.

Repeat the process until the desired setting is achieved.

Settings of 1 – 6 are for training only and should not be used for containment. Settings 7 – 9 are used for containment.

While in the programming mode pushing the top button increases the correction, pushing the bottom button will decrease the correction.

Click on the video below to view the programming process