Some Questions We Regularly Hear

How old should my dog be before we put them on a fence?

                We like to start dogs at 3 or 4 months of age.  Prior to putting your puppy on a fence it’s a good idea to work on basic obedience and leash training.


Will the correction hurt my dog?

                No.  The small static correction is similar to touching a door knob and receiving a shock.  Our receivers are fully adjustable so we can tailor the correction to you dog’s temperament.


Is my dog too old?

                It’s never too late to start.  We’ve trained several dogs over 10 years old.


Does it work during winter through the snow?

                Yes,  snow will not interfere at all with the signal.  Because the transmitter is often mounted in the garage, it’s been designed to be impervious to temperature flucuations.


Do you install fences in the winter?

                Yes, we install year round. 


Will the fencing system interfere with TV’s, garage door openers,

pacemakers, or wireless networks?

Our digitally coded signal cannot interfere with, or be affected by any of the above



I have a really big yard; will your system be strong enough?

                We have systems capable of enclosing 200 acres.


I have a really stubborn/smart dog, are you sure it will work?

                Through the years we’ve encountered just about every personality there is.  Whether it’s a hunting breed or feisty terrier, we’ll be able to work with them.  Every fence carries a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.


I have a really small/large dog.

                We’ve trained 3 ½ lb dogs all the way up to 160 lb dogs.  Our receivers (collars) weigh only 1.3 oz.  That combined with the 1000’s of settings allow us to tailor the correction to the needs of your dog.


Can I use the fence for an aggressive dog?

                No.  We will not install a fence for aggressive dogs, or dogs that have bitten.  The problem isn’t containing the aggressive dog; it’s controlling who enters the yard.  We will install an electric fence in conjunction with a pre-existing wooden or chain link fence.  Electronic fences are effective at keeping these dogs from digging under or jumping over the traditional fence.


Will it work for cats?



I live on a lake and would like to give the dog access to the water.

                There are a couple of ways to achieve this.  We’ll be happy to stop out and explain your options.


Can we use the fence indoors?

                Yes, there are several options available.  Because every situation is different we’d be happy to stop out and explain your options.


After my dog learns the boundaries can I remove the collar?

                No, the reason the fences are so effective is the consistent reinforcement your dog receives every time they approach the boundary.


Is there a warning tone, or does my dog just get corrected?

                Yes, there’s always a warning tone that will give your dog an opportunity to back up before receiving a correction.