Invisible Fence® Trade-ins and Invisible Fence® Compatible Batteries

Pet Stop® transmitters (indoor and outdoor)  and receivers (collars) are fully compatible with Invisible Fence® systems.  So whether you just need a receiver, or you'd like an entire new system, we can help.   We also stock Invisible Fence® compatible batteries. 



Invisible Fence® PowerCap® Compatible Battery

Power Cap® compatible battery
Power Cap® compatible battery
Our Battery Theirs
Battery 3v Lithium 3v Lithium
Construction ABS Thermo-Plastic

ABS Thermo-Plastic

Battery Life Up to 4 months Up to 4 months
Water Tight yes yes
No tools required yes yes

If you’re currently an Invisible Fence® customer living within our service area (Ozaukee, Milwaukee, Waukehsa, Dodge, Jefferson, Washington, Racine, and Sheboygan counties) and would like to order batteries please give us a call. For specific cities that we service please check the list below.

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